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To prevent germs and diseases. Sarah114

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Q: What is the purpose of hand washing?
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What is hand detergent used for?

Washing your hands or washing dirty objects by hand.

How do hand sanitizers work differently than hand washing?

Because 1st the hand sanitizer burns and hand washing does

What is the definition of manual washing?

Manual washing means washing by hand. Washing machines are not included in manual washing.

Does washing machine use less or more water than hand washing?

If you run the washing machine only when it is full, then it should use less water than washing it by hand. If you run the washing machine for one or two garments- you will be using more water than if washing it by hand.

Is hand washing one word or two words?

"Hand washing" is typically written as two words.

What is the mysterious hand washing death rate?

The mysterious hand washing death rate is concerned mostly with the importance of hand washing and hygiene to prevent spread of bacteria which could cause illnesses and sometimes even death. Campaigns for hand washing are very popular especially in the developing world.

How do you care for your hand?

washing them...:)

What are important principles of hand washing?

One of the important principles of hand washing is to rid germs off of the things you touch. Washing your hands will also keep you healthy.

What is another use for liquid hand dishwasher determent beside washing dishes?

Hand washing clothing while on a trip.

Can you unscramble nawaighsndh?

Hand washing

What is the purpose of a dishwasher?

For washing dishes and pans.

What is the purpose of a washing machine?

To wash your clothes