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to stain the outside and the inside of the cell.. so the capsule appears transparent

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Q: What is the purpose of emulsifying the bacteria in the capsule stain?
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What is the slime layer that surround gram negative bacteria and keeps them from taking up purple stain?


What is the purpose of emulsifying the sample serum in staining procedure?

To promote the cells adhering to the glass slide since they can't be heat fixed. When preparing a capsule stain you have to aseptically add organisms and emulsify with a loop.

What is the slime layer gram negative bacteria and keeps them from taking up purple stain?


What is the Slime layer that surrounds gram-negative bacteria and keeps them from taking up purple stain?


Why do gram positive bacteria retain the primary stain methylene blue while gram negative bacteria are decolorized by rinsing with ethanol?


What is the purpose of staining an unknown organism?

By doing differential stains on an unknown organism, you can learn more about that organism. One of the most helpful stains would be the Gram stain. The gram stain will differentiate from Gram positive and Gram negative cells, narrowing your bacteria down a lot. Other stains include: Acid-Fast stain, Capsule stain, Endospore stain, and PHB stain.

What is the color of the capsule in the capsule stain?

When a stain, such as an acid dye, cannot penetrate the outer layers of a microbe, the cell will appear transparent on a colored background. This stain is called a negative or background stain. It is performed by mixing the dye with a suspension of bacteria on a slide and spreading the mixture into a thin layer for viewing. The capsule is a structure surrounding the cell wall that certain bacteria can produce. The ability to form a capsule is genetically and environmentally controlled. Only those microbes with the genes for capsule production have the potential to manufacture this polysaccharide (or polypeptide) surface layer. Special nutrients or other growth factors often are necessary for the genes to be expressed. The role of the capsule is primarily for protection of the bacteria. For example, the capsule affords a seal against dehydration. Many capsules repel white blood cells and thus allow pathogenic invading bacteria to elude one of the primary host defenses. Capsules are not readily stained and therefore are visualized by negative stain techniques. The organisms are prepared as a smear in the presence of an acid dye and allowed to air dry because heat will cause the capsule to shrink. Our procedure will combine a negative stain (which colors the background) and a simple stain to color the bacterial cell. The capsule appears as a colorless layer between the bacterium and the background.

What is the purpose of doing an indirect or negative stain?

to jdentify the capsules of bacteria and fungi

What is the appearance of capsule after being stain with capsule stain procedure?

capsule does not gets stained it appears to be colourless when stained using manewals staining procedure

What are the materials used in capsule stain?

For the capsule stain Congo red or a Nigrosin solution can be used. Next, Maneval's stain is used.

Describe the microscopic appearance of encapsulated streptococcus if stained with safranin?

Safranin (red) is used in gram staining and endospore staining as the secondary stain. Nigrosin is used in negative staining, staining only the background and not the bacteria. Therefore, the bacteria within the capsule would stain red from the safranin. (Like in endospore staining and negative gram staining, safranin would stain the bacteria red.) Nigrosin would stain the background of the organism just as it would in negative staining. Bacteria (within capsul): stained safranin red Capsule (outer layer of bacteria): clear Background of organism: stained dark with Nigrosin

Does a micrococcus luteus is positive for capsule stain?

yes as it have capsule it give positive test for capsule staining when stain with malachite green The problem with the above answer is that a capsule stain is NOT done with malachite green.