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A Bionaire humidifier can have quite a number of various purposes. Their primary purpose and most common use is to increase the humidity in a single room of a house, or in the entire house.

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A humidifier in a baby's room is normally used to help a baby's congestion or dry skin. Using a humidifier with warm air is ideal because the air is easier to breathe if it is warm.

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Q: What is the purpose of a baby humidifier?
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Can you add essential oils to your cold water humidifier?

No. Not unless there is separate compartment attached to the outside area of the humidifier for that purpose.

How does a humidifier in a baby incubator work?

You Have a thermotner on the side .? You Have a thermotner on the side .?

Will a humidifier help get rid of static electricity in a home?

Yes they are commonly used for that purpose in office bldgs

How do you set the humidifier control settings?

it depends on the humidifier

How does a cold mist humidifier work?

Cool mist humidifiers have a small motor in them that breaks down the water and passes the moisture through the air via the fan that is also inside the humidifier. The basic purpose of thse humidifiers is to purify the air.

What does a solenoid valve assembly in a humidifier do?

Opens the valve to allow H2O into the humidifier

What type of product is the Honeywell Quietcare?

The type of product that the Honeywell Quietcare is is a humidifier. This humidifier comes with air washing technology. This humidifier is the best for anybody.

What are the best humidifiers and dehumidifiers for asthmatics?

A humidifier and de-humidifier are not the same type of appliances. Each serves a different purpose and should be used judiciously in the treatment of respiratory problems. Discuss this with your physician and ask for recommendations of what type machine to buy for a room or for all-house coverage.

Is it safe to use a heat convector or blower in a less than a year old baby room?

Only if it has a thermostat and if you also have a humidifier in the same room.

Could a humidifier be used in a room that is humid?

A humidifier puts moisture into the air. So if a room is already humid, a humidifier will simply make it more humid. A de-humidifier extracts moisture from the air. This would be the solution for your humid room.

What is the purpose of a baby monitor?

to check on a baby while you are out of the room

What is the difference between humidifier and dehumidifier?

A humidifier makes the air fresher, While a dehumidifier removes a fresh smell. A house would use a a humidifier and a museum would use a dehumidifier