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ewan ko nga

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Q: What is the procedure of luksong tinik?
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What are the rules and regulation of luksong tinik?

what is the rules and regulation of luksong tinik

How do you play luksong tinik?


Where was luksong tinik originated?

it was originated in the Philippines

What actors and actresses appeared in Luksong Tinik - 2012?

The cast of Luksong Tinik - 2012 includes: Jaemie Lynn Lopez as Liza Paul Richard Francisco as Ken Timothy Tabulao II as Other Man

What are the indigenous games in Philippines?

i think those are patintero,tumbang preso ,luksong tinik ,palosebo,luksong baka,langit lupa and taguan.

Can I get the Background of the indigenous game kho-kho?

what are the indigeneous game?? A. tumbang preso,tigso, patintero,luksong tinik,sungka taguan etc.

What are the rules in playing luksong baka game?

LUKSONG TINIK Players take turns jumping over ("lukso") an obstacle ("tinik") without touching it. Two players (the "taya") sit facing each other and make the obstacle (which increases in height hence difficulty in jumping over) with their hands and feet. Players who touch the obstacle become the next "taya".

Ano-anu ang katutubong laro sa pilipinas?

1)luksong tinik 2)patintero 3)taguan 4)sipa 5)piko

What is indigenous game?

ang indigenous games ay mga laro na hindi natin alam kung sino ang nag pa-uso katulad ng patintero, tumbang preso, luksong tinik, palosebo, luksong baka, langit lupa, at taguan..

Ano ang kasaysayan ng pandanggo sa ilaw?

kailan unang nilaro sa pilipinas ang luksong tinik at kailan ito na imbento

What is the duration of Tinik Sa Dibdib?

The duration of Tinik Sa Dibdib is -2700.0 seconds.

Meaning ng luksong baka?

The children are playing 'luksong baka'. This is a traditional Filipino games. Luksong baka involves jumping over a person who acts as the 'baka'. The objective is to successfully jump over the person without falling over him or touching him