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What about it? It helps people with Diabetes ADHD and other disorders not to get too much sugar.

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Q: What is the problem with sugar free?
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Is therelactose free and sugar free milk?

Lactose is a form of sugar, but in terms of how our body manages it, it is all good sugar, so no problem with unflavored milk. The only "bad" sugar in milk is when we add flavoring (eg; chocolate milkshake). When we talk about sugar and the harmful effects it has on our health, it is the Fructose component of sugar that is the problem. There are quite a few "sugars" which are fructose free and milk (in fact virtually all unflavored dairy products) are fructose free. You can find more about the problems associated with Fructose part of sugar here:

Where is there a list of sugar free recipes?

A list of sugar free recipes can be found at Sugar Free Mom, Spoonful of Sugar Free, I Quit Sugar, Your Lighter Side, Simply Sugar Free and Healing Gourmet.

How much sugar in sugar free pudding?

None, it's sugar free?

Is sugar-free gum or sugar gum more popular?


What is the difference between sugar free and calorie free?

Sugar Free means there is no sugar in this item and Calories free means there is no fat in this item.

Is calpol sugar free?

Calpol is sugar free but made with real fruit sugar

What is the difference in sugar free gum and gum with sugar?

Gum with sugar has real sugar and sugar-free gum has a sugar substitute but it tastes like sugar.

Is winter fresh gum sugar free?

No it is not sugar free

Does sugar free gum have sugar?

No, of course it DOESN'T!! That's why it's labeled SUGAR-FREE! If it does have sugar in it, then they false advertise.

What does sugar gum have in it that sugar free doesnt?


Which is less fattening a sugar free pound cake or a fat free pound cake?

Sugar free because if it is sugar free it s way more healthier

What is Sugar free recipe?

A sugar free recipe is a recipe which uses either a sugar substitute like Splenda or saccharin or no sugar.