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One should use Cardiovascular/Cardio Cooldown after extensive aerobic/cardio exercise. The cooldown should be at least 3 -10 minutes depending on the length of time you exercise. A good aerobic/cardio exercise program should last 20 -60 minutes. Slowing down after exercise, allows the body to cool off, while allowing the heart-rate to normalize; also drinking fluids to rehydrate your body is needed, especially after extensive exercise. Cooling down will help you avoid muscle spasms and cramps, as well as prevent soreness; especially if you are new to aerobic exercise. Although cooling down is important, the warm up before aerobic/cardio exercise is also important. The process of warming up and cooling down can include stretching, running in place either by speeding up while warming up, or slowing down when cooling off, so both essential.

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Q: What is the primary purpose of a cardiovascular cooldown?
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