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90 Rupees for 1 litter pack

125 for 1.5 litter pack

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Q: What is the price of olpers milk today?
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What does olpers means?

olpers means for all persons..

If the price of milk today is equal to 200 percent of the cost 15 years ago and the price was 48 cents at that time then what is the price of milk today?


The price of milk is 200 percent higher today than it was 15 years ago If the price 15 years ago was 48 cents per liter what is the price today?

96 cents a liter

What was the average price of a gallon of milk in 1962?

In North Texas milk runs about $3.50 a gallon.

Which is correct you drink milk today or you drank milk today?

You drank milk today.

Price of gallon milk in Louisiana?

As of today, 4/27/2011, a gallon of milk is $4.19 and up. Louisiana has a minimum milk price that is set by the state. The best places that I have found to buy milk is CVS or Rite Aid, because they charge whatever the state minimum price is. Or go to Mississippi where it is almost always $1 less than Louisiana.

What is the duration of The Price of Milk?

The duration of The Price of Milk is 1.5 hours.

Price of milk in 1990?

In 1990, a quart of milk cost 85 cents. A loaf of bread was 1.37 dollars.

When was The Price of Milk created?

The Price of Milk was created on 2000-09-13.

What was the price of gallon of milk in 1996?

what was the cost of milk in 1996

How much does delivered milk cost today?

There are a few places that deliver milk. This is not offered everywhere. The average price is about 3 dollars for a half gallon plus a sales tax charge.

What is the price of organic milk?

The price of organic milk varies. But the average is about $3.50 a quart.