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its vicoden. 10mg hydrocodone/ 325mg apap. $5 a peice but youll find most douchebags these days selling them for 10

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Q: What is the price of medication norco 10 325?
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What is norco 10-325?

norco 10-325 is a vicodin with 10mg of hydrocodone and 325 of acetaminophen

What is the differnece in norco ip 109 and norco 10 325?

ip 109 is 5mg of hydrocodone and 325mg of acetaminophen norco 10/325 is 10mg of hydrocodone and 325mg of acetaminophen hydrocodone = opiate acetaminophen = aspirin norco 10/325 is twice as strong as the white ip109 acetaminophen = Tylenol not asprin

What is a oblong not oval yellow pill marked Watson 10 325?

Norco 10/325 10mg hydrocodone 325mg tylenol Pain medicine

Does anyone use norco or vicodin 10-325 for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy?

i have ms and cidp. i am looking for other people who use hydrocodone or norco or vicodin

Does tylenol 3 and norco 10 325 show the same in a urine test?

No, Tlenol 3 contains codeine, and Norco contains hydroconone, they are different types of opiods

What is the same family?

im ask is oxycodone 5mg ,norco 325/10 are the same type of medicine do that same effect

Is 60 mg of morhine er equivalent to 20 mg of norco?

no. norco is hydrocodone not morphine. morphine is stronger however norco 10/325 is the strongest dose of norco. Norco is for moderate pain and morphine for moderate to severe pain. ER also means extended release where norco is not extended. Please be aware that norco has acetaminophen in it which you should never exceed 4000mg\24 hours.

Your doctor recently switched you from Norco 10 325 to Percocet 5 325 Is the percocet going to be stronger and last longer?

Absolutely not, you may actually get even less pain relief.

What does 10-325 tabqua mean?

the 10/325 is the dosage..i.e. Hydrocodone APAP 10/325 TABQUA means Generic for Norco or Vicodin 10mg of narcotic pain reliever, 325mg of Tylenol. the TABQUA is the maker of the pill, tab is tablet, qua is the first 3 letters of the drug company.

What is Watson 852 use for?

It is a norco 10/325 codeine tablet! Pain reliever! Brand name drug for hydrocodone w/ APAP!


The releases of this medication calm the central nervous system (CNS).  Hence, it makes a bridge between the sensory and the brain. Therefore, this medication reduces the pain receptors and makes you feel less pain. Yes, It's a pain killer and decreases the effects of modest pain. It operates in the manner of blocking the pain receptors. Norco makes your brain feel less of an ache, and It eases the muscles and makes you feel relaxed.  visit here: norxhealthcare . com DOSAGE Norco 5/325:- this pill dosage is one or twice tablets, each four to six hours as required for pain. The entire daily dosage should not need to pass eight tablets. Norco 7.5/325 and 10/325: These pills are also one pill every four to six hours as required for pain. The total daily dosage should not be necessary to exceed six tablets. The Correct way of healing and satisfying yourself Medication: When the circumstances go out of check, then the calming tablets increase your trauma.  Norco soothes the pain and makes you feel relaxed. Hence, this treatment is a mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Use it according to each doctor's direction to decrease the chances of Norco Addiction and Abuse. 

What is hydrocondone 10mg325mg?

It is 5mg of Hydrocodone and 325mg of Acetaminophen or Tylenol. The Non Generic name is Norco. All Hydrocodone/APAP with 325mg of Acetaminophen is Norco in non generic form. Norco comes in 5mg/325mg, 7.5mg/325mg, and 10mg/325mg.