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21100 is the postal code of India in Yahoo

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Q: What is the postalcode of India inyahoo mail?
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What is postalcode of Philippines?

postal code of Philippines: The Philippine Zip Code is used to simplify the mail distribution. It has a 4-digit number code for each district or city.

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88100, 56100, or alike

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India has several postal index numbers (also known as 'pincodes') based upon various regions. To look for the correct pincode to use, the there are several websites that offer a pincode search feature. A good one to use is on

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The postcode of hyderabad starts with 5000XX

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Like the United States, foreign regions also have postal codes. These are to enable quicker and easier sorting of mail. While there are one per jurisdiction, the country also possesses its own code, which is 83700.

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If you are in India, then you must go to an American Embassy. If you are in America, then you can mail the Indian embassy, and they can send you one through the mail.