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doesnt matter their all wrong

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Q: What is the popular Indian gods?
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What is Indian arts?

Indian art is all about their gods, colture and festivals

What is real Indian Art?

Indian art is all about their gods, colture and festivals

Who are Ram and Sita?

2 Indian gods...

What is an Indian diyas?

It is the way they worship their gods.

What does suresh means?

"Suresh" is a popular Indian name of Sanskrit origin, meaning "lord of gods" or "Auspicious." It is a common name for boys in India and other South Asian countries.

What decorations are in a Indian restaurant?

They are pictures of Indian food, Gods pictures. It smell very tasty when you enter an Indian restaurant. :)

Which state is called as gods own country?

The Indian state Kerala is called gods own country.

Which Indian cricketers autobiography is By gods decry?

kapil dev

Who were the Indian gods?

The Wolf was the God of the Pacific Northwest Indians.

Differences between Arabic and Indian cultures?

They Have Different Gods ?????

How were the gods important were the gods in the afterlife?

Were the gods in the afterlife? -not usually. The Greek Gods were based on Mount Olympus, Hades would be the only one in the afterlife. The Indian Gods are based on Mount Meru. Yes, to believers the Gods were important.

How was ziggurats in sumer popular?

They were popular because Sumerians used them to worship their gods.