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Point where optic nerve enters eyeball is the optic disc.

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The optic nerve and blood vessels of the eye enter at the optic disc.

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Q: What is the point where the optic nerve enters the eyeball?
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Condition is swelling of the optic nerve at the point of entrance through the optic disk?


Which part of the brain is visible to the outside world and is part of the eye?

The point at which the optic nerve enters the eye and forms part of the retina, it can viewed via the pupil with specialist equipment.

What you see is carried to the occipital lobe by the?

optic nerve (at the back of the eye) which then crosses at the optic chiasm. From this point, the optic tracts travel to the lateral geniculate nucleus, and then on to the visual cortex in the occipital lobe.

Is Optic chiasm the blind spot of eye?

No. The blind spot in the eye is the optic disc, the point where the optic nerve meets the retina. At this point, there are no photoreceptors, so no detection of vision. The optic chiasm is the place near the brain where the optic nerves cross over.

Why do human eyes have a blind spot?

The brain compensates for the blind spot. It compensates for it by taking in what is around the blind spot and using that as a reference to put a picture in the brain of what it thinks should be in the blind spot.

What is the function of the blind spots?

It is not a function, it is where the optic nerve connect from the eye to the brain. Because of this there are no photo-receptors at that point.

What is the Motor point of muscle?

Motor Point is located where the moter nerve enters the muscle. It is where the muscle is most electically exciteable.

What is the motor point of a nerve?

The nerve motor points is a large muscle mass of shoulders, arms, and legs, striking with leg or hand. Some types of nerve points are superficial peroneal nerve motor point, tibial nerve motor point, common peroneal nerve motor point, and femoral nerve motor point.

How does the light travel to your brain?

two lovley cells types in your retina, receive the light focused through the lense in your eye, and convert the light into two signals. Color, and shape, or something like that. they then traver down the optical nerve to opposite sides of your vision center. as in, the left eye's nerve goes the the right side of the vision center in your brain. you brain then unscrambles the signal into better-than- HD images for your veiwing pleasure. Exuse my strange explanation.

Where is the blind spot located?

The blind spot is also called the optic nerve head. It is located on the retina, about 15 degrees horizontal from center vision.