What is the plural of medicine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The plural of medicine is medicines.

As in "there are many medicines available.

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Q: What is the plural of medicine?
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What is the plural of medicine syrup?

In "medicine syrup" the noun medicine is used as an adjective, and adjectives have no plural form, therefore the plural is "medicine syrups."

What is the plural form of neurology?

There is no plural: neurology is a field of medicine, not a countable noun.

What is the possessive form of medicine?

The singular possessive is medicine's and the plural possessive is medicines'.

Which one of these words is plural mice rain medicine woman?

Mice is the plural of mouse.

What is the plural of physics?

There is no plural form of this noun. It is the name of a single, unique area of study (science). No plural form is necessary. Alternatively, "physics" is already the plural form of the word "physic", a now-archaic word meaning "medicine".

Plural word for dentistry?

The noun dentistry is an uncountable noun, a word for the branch of medicine involving the mouth, teeth, and gums. The plural form is dentistry practices.

What is the plural form of doctors abbreviated?

This depends on the type of doctorate you are referring to, such as the abbreviation for medical physicians such as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), research doctors such as a doctor of philosophy (PhD) or a doctor of education (EdD). Still as such the above mentioned in the plural would be as follows. Doctors of Medicine (MDs) Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs) Doctors of Education (EdDs) The above are most common within the United States.

When describing what he or she does is it spelled DOES or DOSE?

It is spelled does, third person, singular, present of the verb to do (does, doing, did, done). Example:He does the best he can. She does appreciate his effort.The word does is also the plural form for the noun doe, a female deer.Dose is a noun meaning a portion of medicine and a verb meaning to administer a portion of medicine.

What is the medical term meaning resembling a gland?

adenoidResembling a gland; when used in the plural, adenoids, they refer to lymphoid tissue that normally exists in the nasopharynx of children and is known in medicine as the pharyngeal tonsil.

Can you give 100 examples of plural pronoun?

No, because there are not 100 plural pronouns.The plural pronouns are:weusyou (can be singular or plural)theythemthesethoseouroursyour (can be singular or plural)yours (can be singular or plural)theirtheirsourselvesyourselvesthemselvesbothfewfewermanyothersseveralall (can be singular or plural)any (can be singular or plural)more (can be singular or plural)most (can be singular or plural)none (can be singular or plural)some (can be singular or plural)such (can be singular or plural)

What is the plural form of SHE IS?

The plural of "she" is "they", so the plural of "she had" is "they had".

What is the plural of isthmi?

Isthmi is plural. There are actually two plural forms. I will list them from singular to plural. Isthmus - Singular Isthmi - Plural Isthmuses - Plural