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light waves

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Q: What is the physical stimulus for vision?
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What is the environmental stimulus for vision is?


Changing physical stimulus to neural stimulus?

A physical stimulus is transformed into a neural stimulus when the sensation is received by the sensory nerves. For example, the pain of right cross punch is felt when the nerves at the impact site fire.

The process of changing physical stimulus to neural stimulus is called what?

The process of changing physical stimulus to neural stimulus is called transduction. This process involves converting sensory information from the environment into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the brain.

Where is the proximal stimulus to be found?

The proximal stimulus is found in the immediate environment surrounding a person or object. It refers to the physical characteristics of stimuli that directly affect our sensory receptors, such as light waves hitting the retina in the case of vision or sound waves interacting with the ear for hearing.

Is stimulus a reaction to an internal event?

No, a stimulus is an external event or agent that elicits a response or reaction from an organism. It can be a physical sensation, like temperature or pressure, or a signal from the environment that triggers a response in an organism.

Some of the physical conditions that can contribute to a collision include age and vision?

age and vision

What is a visual stimulus?

when u see something and it affects your emotions whether its mental or physical

What is a stimulus to an organism?

Either : 1. Physical. 2. Mental. With thought being way in front.

What is an after-impression?

An after-impression is a sensation, whether physical, mental, or otherwise felt, which persists after the stimulus has ceased.

What is a physical or chemical change in an organism's environment to which it responds?

A physical or chemical change in an organism's environment that triggers a response is referred to as a stimulus. This stimulus can cause the organism to react in a way that helps it adapt to the changed conditions, such as by moving to a different location, changing its behavior, or adjusting its metabolic processes. For example, plants may respond to changes in light levels by altering their growth patterns.

What are physical factors that may effect night vision?


What do you call the physical stimulus that the auditory system detects?

I am pretty sure that it is sound, and loudness.