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It is what the trait does that you can see. Such as hair color and eye color

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This would be their facial features.

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Q: What is the physical or functional expression of a genetic trait?
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What is a genetic trait?

A trait is an observable, physical characteristic of an organism (a phenotype). A FACTOR is the underlying genetic cause of the TRAIT (the genotype).

What is an expression of a physical trait known as?

a phenotype

What is the physical expression of trait called?


The physical manifestation of a genetic trait is?


What is the type of trait that has many phenotypes?

The trait that describes the collected results of phenotypic expression of Genes - the karyotype describes the physical form of the {finally composed} shape of the organism. Added: A polymorphic trait. Could be the result of polygenic genetic composition, or anything in the environment, such as temporal or physical separations in the same population of organisms.

What is the definition of a genetic trait?

A genetic trait is a characteristic that gets inherited by an offspring from the parent. Some examples of genetic traits are height, eye color, and skin color.

What does carrier mean in science terms?

A carrier is an organism that inherits a specific genetic trait but does not show the trait in their phenotype, or physical appearance.

How is a trait determined?

Genetic traits are determined based on the genes an individual inherits from his parents. All an individual's genes determines his genotype, while factors such as dominance and recessiveness determine phenotype.

What is the outward appearance of a trait called?

phenotypeThe physical appearance of a trait is called a phenotype, not to be confused with a genotype( which is your genetic makeup) The way I remember is phenotype and physical both start with a p, and genotype and genetic both start with a g.

The outward appearance of a particular trait is called?

The outward expression of genetic traits are called phenotypes. Phenotypes expression include recessive and dominant genes such as eye and hair color.

Which term refers to the genetic makeup of an organism?

The genetic makeup of an organism refers to the set of genes responsible for a particular trait. The genetic makeup of an organism is also referred to as the genotype. Genetic makeup of an organism decides the phenotype or expression of information within the genes. Examples of genetic makeup of an organism - gene responsible for eye color gene responsible for hair color gene responsible for how your voice sounds gene responsible for a bird's beak Difference between the genotype and phenotype of an organism Genotype refers to the set of genes that has the information for a particular trait whereas the phenotype is the physical expression of that particular trait.

What is an emergenic trait?

A trait that is not genetic