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In addition to the physical exan that would be included for a younger adult

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proper height for weight. thin build. hair, nails and teeth in good

condition. non-smoker. proper weight and measurements. eyes

not red. no bags under eyes. patient is getting proper rest and

nutrition. excellent posture. plenty of vitamins and minerals in diet.

not overeating. pulse is normal. good balance and reflexes. 98.6

temperature. 120 over 80 blood pressure. patient is concerned with

his overall health. the patient takes strength and overall advice from


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Q: What is the physical assessment of a normal adult patient?
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What is the adult life stress measurement assessment tool?

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale measures stress in adult's lives. The test assigns values to different events in a person's life's. The higher the calmative value, the more stress a normal adult feels.

What is a normal temperature on a patient?

A normal body temperature for an adult is typically around 98.6°F (37°C), but can vary slightly from person to person. It's important to consider individual baseline temperatures and any underlying health conditions when determining what is normal for a patient.

How to treat adult jaundice patient?

An adult jaundice patient will be treated with a special diet and also with light therapy.

What is the balek scale about?

The balek scale is a scale used to measure adult body weight in kilograms. It's commonly used in medical settings for patient assessment and monitoring. The scale is calibrated to show accurate weight measurements.

What is the normal range of metamyelocyte in adult female?

Metamyelocytes are not normally seen in the peripheral blood. If the patient has an infection, sometimes a few of them will be seen, and they go away again when the infection clears up. Anything more than a few is not normal.

What are Normal HDL LDL?

LDL: Normal Adult Range: 62 - 130 mg/dl Optimal Adult Reading: 81 mg/dlHDL: Normal Adult Range: 35 - 135 mg/dl Optimal Adult Reading: +85 mg/dlThis information was taken from: things that can affect normal hdl ldl levels.1- Weight2- Physical activity3- Diet strategy4- Genetic factor5- Age and sexSource of this info

Is a heart beat 108 normal?

70-80 is considered average for an adult at rest, 108 is fine after or during vigorous physical activity but high if at rest.

An adult is a animal that?

An adult is an animal that has reached physical maturity .

What is the normal range of electrolyte levels in adult urine?

what are the normal levels of Na ,K. Ch. ,Ca, Mag, in normal adult male and female

Is it required for a counselor to report his minor patient is having an affair with an adult?

Patient confidentiality would prevent him from doing that.

In medical term what is adult established short?

It's not really a medical term; instead, it's a shorthand for a billing code for the visit. The patient was an adult established patient, and the visit was a short one.

Normal respirations adult male?

Normal breathing rate of an adult is between 12 and 18 breaths per min. And a normal adult heart beat should sit between 60 and 80 beats per min.