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It depends on how much you are caught with and the way in which you are caught. There are many variables. The state law in MN falls much in line with federal though. Psilocybin is listed as a Sched 1 drug, but there is a debate on whether magic mushrooms count as a 'container' for a sched. 1 drug. Magic mushroom spores are completely legal in MN and all but 3 states in the USA.

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Q: What is the penalty for growing magic mushrooms in minnesota?
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Are the mushrooms growing in our guinea pigs cage magic mushrooms?

Id have to see pictures to be able to tell you.

My buddy has a pot plant and little mushrooms are growing out of the soil are they magic mushrooms?

It is impossible to know without properly identifying the mushrooms. Chances are they are not psilocybin active (magic). You need to research how to identify mushrooms and see if yours are psilocybes.

Is it illegal for Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms to be growing in the lawn They are not being cultivated in any way just growing wild?

No, it is not illegal as long as the mushrooms naturally appeared and are not picked. Additional due to the rarity of prosecutions for actual magic mushroom cultivation, it is exceedingly unlikely that an individual with magic mushrooms growing in their yard would ever be arrested or face criminal charges.

Is there penicillin in magic mushrooms?

There is no penicillin in magic mushrooms.

Are magic mushrooms grown or synthetic?

Magic mushrooms are grown.

Is lepta mushrooms magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms come in only 2 real species, neither of which are "lepta" mushrooms.

What are some myths about magic mushrooms?

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Are infected mushrooms the same as magic mushrooms?


Magic mushrooms stimulant or depressant?

Magic mushrooms are neither a stimulant or depressant. They are a hallucinogen.

Are mushroom kits legal in North Carolina?

Well it depends what mushrooms your looking to grow. Any kit you can buy online is legal, but growing p. cubensis or magic mushrooms may not be.

Can you blow dried magic mushrooms?

high temperatures destroy the good stuff in magic mushrooms. You can find more out at

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