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Q: What is the part of your mouth called the dangles down?
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What is earlobe?

An earlobe is the part if your ear which gets most commonly pierced. Is the bottom part of the ear that dangles down.

What part connects the mouth to the digestive tube?

The part that connects the mouth to the digestive tube is called the pharynx.

What is an earlobe?

When the skin of your earlobe is attached to you skin on your head (upper jaw), it is called an attached earlobe. Earlobes that hang more freely are called unattached. They earlobe itself it not attached to your head, it is only attached to the bottom of your ear.

What part breaks down food?


From where does the uvula dangle?

The uvula is in the back of the mouth. It is also called the "palatine uvula" and is part of the soft palate. Stimulation of the uvula results in triggering the gag reflex, in order to prevent choking.

The part where air enters the mouth when the mouth is closed?

This area is called the oropharynx.

Why does your willy smell?

because all the fat dangles in one part of the willy and your pants are to tight

What is the upper part of the mouth called?

The roof of mouth is called 'Palate'

Mouth Part of a river?

The mouth part of a river is called a delta. It is the large silty area at the mouth of a river at which the river spills into different slow flowing channels.

Which body of water has a part called a mouth?

A river - the "river-mouth" is where it empties into the sea or a lake.

What body of water has a part called a 'mouth'?

A river has a part called a "mouth" where it flows into another body of water, such as a sea, ocean, or lake. This is typically where the river widens and meets the larger body of water.

What is it called the thing you put in your mouth when you go scuba diving?

It is called a regulator. To be specific, the part of the regulator that goes in your mouth is called the second stage of the regulator.