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Q: What is the opposite word of 'predecessor'?
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What is the opposite of successor?


What is opposite of replacement for?

Predecessor or precursor

Can you give me a sentence using the word predecessor?

I was happier with this president's predecessor.

What is the English meaning of Malayalam word mungami?


Can you make a sentence with the word predecessor?

President Obama's predecessor was George W. Bush.My predecessor appointed me presidency last year because of my avid appreciation for Japanese culture.

Use the word predecessor in a sentence?

The new governor found it necessary to change some of the unfair policies implemented by his predecessor.

Where did the word 'idiot' originate?

The Greek word idiotes is the ancient predecessor to idiot.

Put the word phonograph in a sentence?

The phonograph was the predecessor of the gramophone.

What is the opposite of ancestor?

The opposite of an ancestor would be a descendant.(Your ancestors are your progenitors, while your offspring and their offspring are your descendants.)The opposite of an ancestor may also be known as a successor. However, this is the direct opposite of predecessor.

What is the opposite word of fortune?

what word is opposite of prudent

What is a opposite word for the word word?

The opposite of anything is it's absence. Silence would be the opposite of a word spoken.

Is it correct to say predecessor of or predecessor to?

predecessor of