What is the opposite of lust?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ummm, no. Are you trying to say disgust? SP. I would personally say, that on a relationship level, that the opposite of lust is love. Love is when you want what's best for the other person. Lust is when you want what's best for you..

I totally agree with the second person that answered this question. I've heard someone say that the opposite of love is "asexuality," but that is just dumb. There are plenty of married people that truly love each other and are sexually attracted to each other at the same time.

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Q: What is the opposite of lust?
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Can the feeling of lust for the opposite sex be satisified by having a sexual encounter?


What is a true meaning for love?

love is when you will do anything for someonethe exact opposite of lust

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lust in German is lust

When was A Question of Lust created?

A Question of Lust was created on 1986-04-14.

How do you say lust in tagalog?

the closest translation of this (lust) is "libog" if lust means excessive sexual appetite but for any other meaning of lust like -lust of power = hayok/kahayukan -lust for money = gahaman

What is poondi?

poondi- pronounced as poo-n-dee is the act of staring at the opposite gender for long periods of time to satiate one's sexual desire or lust

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There are a couple# ainmhian for sexual lust# saint for greedy lust

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love and lust. love is affection and lust is just for the sex

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the people get together and love and then the hero dies which creates a lust for love of the other charachter the hero has an adventure

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"I am undecided if I am in love or lust with you"

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