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Rest for several days apex appoved

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is what?
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Rest for several days

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Allowing the body adequate rest.

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You love exercise--so much that you spend hours every day working out. Running, lifting weights, or sprinting, you'll do it all. You're just that hardcore. You're even so hardcore that you never take any days off, and even push through strenuous exercise when you have the flu.

Strangely enough, you haven't been performing as well lately. In fact, you've been experiencing a lot of confusing symptoms. There's a constant pain in your joints that won't go away. Mood swings seem normal now; one day you're depressed, the next day irritable and tired. Insomnia is also a normal occurrence, and it's hard to get enough sleep. Energy levels are at an all time low. You feel like you're trapped in a fog--unconscious of what is happening around you.

Sound familiar? These symptoms didn't suddenly come out of the blue; they're symptoms of overtraining syndrome. Think of it as your body's way of telling you "I can't keep up with this exercise--please let me rest!" When you consistently overexercise and don't get adequate rest, you'll start developing overtraining syndrome, along with the range of symptoms described above.

What to Do if You Have Overtraining Syndrome

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself, it's time to take a step back--you're simply doing too much. Overtraining syndrome is a serious condition, and not to be taken lightly. Continue to overexercise and you'll have decreased immunity to illnesses, such as the common cold, as well as injuries. It's also a depression trigger.

So what's the best thing you can do? Simple--start recovery now. Don't delay it; don't exercise just a tiny bit less. Starting recovery when you first recognize the signs of overtraining syndrome can make it end faster and easier.

How to Recover from Overtraining Syndrome

If you suspect you have overtraining syndrome, the primary method of treatment is to rest. This doesn't mean a day off from exercise; this usually means stopping exercise completely. You'll either have to halt exercise or dramatically reduce how much you exercise. It's not fun, but it's integral for your recovery.

Besides that, you can help your body heal by drinking plenty of fluids, focusing more on eating a healthy diet, and using relaxation techniques. Consider getting a massage. Take long, candle-lit baths. Do yoga to relax while getting in some exercise. Your goal is to rest more and decrease stress as much as possible. This can take several weeks, but it's mandatory to erase all of the symptoms of overtraining syndrome.

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