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TEETH are the only part of the body that can't repair itself

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A tooth cannot repair itself.

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Q: What is the only part of the body that can't repair itself?
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What is the only organ in the human body capable of regenerating itself?

pretty much everything; except for the brain, eyes, ears, nose, fingers/ toes, and any thing that came off ( like if you lost your arm in the war or something ). The body repairs itself internally and externally.

Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

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Yes the ozone can repair itself. But only when humans stop the use of CFC's.

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Is this available in the Philippines or only available in the United States of America only? What are the requirements for auto body repair school? How much will cost for this auto body repair school?

How do nutrients help people?

Nutrients in the food we eat is the only fuel the body is designed to absorb and metabolise and the only things it can transform into the energy needed to repair itself keep us functioning - as it was designed to do

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you cant repair, only clean. for example, steam clean would be most effective.

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Sleep allows the body to repair itself and is important for immune function. Growth only occurs during sleep as well. And as the person works all day, the body will naturally need to rest after the day.

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cant repair a Catalytic converter only replace at a muffler shop

What body organ can't repair itself?

The heart is an organ that has limited ability to repair itself. Once cardiac cells are damaged, they are typically replaced with scar tissue rather than healthy new cells. This is why heart damage from conditions like heart attacks can have long-lasting effects.

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