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Q: What is the only food that does not go off?
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Why do bearded dragons go off food?

Bearded dragons may go off their food if they are housed with other beardies it can stress them out

What food is only sold fresh?

Honey is the only fresh food and NEVER GOES OFF !!

Why do male snakes go off food in the winter?

Both male and female snakes will go off of food in the winter during the season when they hibernate.

Why are food preserved?

So it doesn't go off and cause you to get food poisoning.

What should go only into garbage disposal?

Food remnants off plates and peelings ONLY. - No bones of any kind, no plastics, no solid objects, no rice, no onion skins.

Why does food go off more slowly in a freezer than in a fridge?

because it does and food will go off even longer if you keep it in your bum because the poo keeps it nice and cool.

Will mice go away if you cut off the food supply?

They are commensal meaning they "share man's table" Our food is their food.

Where do I go to get the listing of calories in food?

You can go and get a list of calories in food off of websites if you are dining at a fast food company or you can read the labels. It is required by law to have the listings of calories on all food.

What element in the air can be responsible for food going off?

bacteria is what is in the air that makes food go bad

How long does the food stay in your liver?

Food does not go to your liver, food only goes to your stomach and intestines.

Are the food in the food joints healthy?

only if you go to places like spud spot

Will sirens go off when there is a tornado?

Only in areas that have them. Many places don't. The sirens will only go off if the tornado is detected in time. Usually they are, but not always.