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The number one cause of germs is by touching the handles on door handles , because people cough , sneeze and even use the bathroom without washing there hands ad then touch the handles eve sink handles are dirty because many people touch them before there hands are clean so l would prefer your own mini anti bacterial hand sanitizer to prevent germ !

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Q: What is the number one cause of germs?
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Does spit cause germs?

Spit does contain germs. Spit is saliva. Saliva contains germs because our mouths are full of germs! The mouth is one of the dirtiest areas of the body! So when a person spits, YES they do spread germs!

Why should you care about germs?

Because germs cause sickness and bacteria.

How many germs on a mouldy piece of bread?

its not germs that cause molding on bread its a fungus

When was it discovered that germs cause disease?


What is a way that bacteria cause disease?

by germs

What are tiny particles that cause disease?


What do germs cause?

Some "germs" or bacteria and viruses cause disease and sickness in general. However, some bacteria are neutral or helpful to the human body.

Why you should wash your hand after using toilet?

This is because the hands are the most exposed part of the body that are carriers of germs that can later cause infection. The toilet carriers a lot of germs on the flash handle or door knobs. This is because the toilets are used by more than one person. This germs can cause infections. That is the reason as to why one should wash hand should be washed after visiting the toilet.

How many germs are enough for pregenency?

Germs don't cause pregnancy. If u mean sperms. 1

What are the germs that cause swine flu from spreading?

silly icky goey nasty germs that arnt good.[:

What Germs cause disease?

white blood cells, They fight the germs to get them out of your body so you wont be sick .

Is there any germs in human blood?

Yes, human blood can contain various types of bacteria and viruses that can cause infections if they enter the bloodstream. Bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus can be present in blood and pose a risk of transmitting diseases to others. Proper precautions and hygiene practices are important to prevent the spread of infections through blood.