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1 day.

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Q: What is the normal time span for two people to know each other before they think alike?
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Do people look like selena gomez?

There are many people who look alike to other people.

Are there people in the world with the same face?

Yes it is true that there are 7 people that look alike in the world. Even if they don't look "alike" exactly they may be resembling each other.

Why are you different then any other person?

it is all in your genes and heredity.......... no two people are alike

Why do people fall in love with people not alike?

because opposite attracts and if we are lackin in something then d other person compansate

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People are not alike maybe the contestant can be a boy or something People are all different

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they dress normal to other people

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The Nightmare Before Christmas , James and the Giant Peach , Corpse Bride and 9 .

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its becamuse that they are both a city and they have people and all sort of other syuff

Did Greek gods originate as normal people?

no they didn't, but they fight and cheat on each other a lot like normal people

Why do emo people chase other normal people?

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Are people more alike than they are different or are people more different than they are alike?

I think that no one is the same because everyone has there own rights and they all look different because they all have different parents. Also people from other cultures are not the same.

Are DNA complimentary strands alike?

no these are complementary to each other not alike.