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Healthy People 2010

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healthy people 2010

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Q: What is the nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan called?
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What is FoodNet?

In 1996, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began a nationwide food-borne disease surveillance program called "FoodNet."

What Suggest three ways in which infectious diseases can be prevented?

Levels of Prevention # Primary -concerned with health promotion activities that prevent the actual occurence of a specific illness or disease # Secondary -promotes early detection or screening and treatment of disease and limitation of disability. This level of prevention is also called HEALTH MAINTENANCE. # Tertiary -directed towards recovery or rehabilitation of a disease or condition after the disease has been developed.

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In the TV programme "Survivors", everyone in the world caught a dreadful disease, a virus which very nearly wiped out the world.Asthma is a serious disease.The old man's serious disease caused him to pass away last week.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, monitors the national public health in the US.I am suffering from a disease called cholera.

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