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the watcher

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Q: What is the name of the person who take care of the dead body?
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How the name of a dead person can be change?

no body change after dead his name

What is the name of the person that takes care of dead bodies - does the hair and makeup?

a mortician

What is the name of a person who decorates a dead body?

Taxidermist us what I think your asking.

What do diamonds mean on the Vietnam wall?

A cross corresponding to a name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall means that the person with that name is missing; to say, the body has not been found. A diamond next to a name on the wall stands for a person who has been proven dead; the body (or the remains of the body) has been found dead.

What is the meaning of a taker?

a person that buries the body of a dead person and holds the ceremony of dead people.

Where did name Jane Doe for a dead body come from?

The name Jane Doe for a dead body came from the dead bodies that could not be identified.

What is the name of the person who takes care of dead person?

Mortician (mort = death + ian = technician) is an American word, coined in 1895 from the combination of the words Mortuary and Physician. This person is also known as the funeral director or undertaker or embalmer. He prepares the body, plans with the family and performs the funeral ceremony according to the family's wishes.

What is a name for a dead person?


What is the name of a lover who's dead body pick up the womens?

what is name of lover who's dead body picked up by women

What is the name given to a person who rapes a dead person?

== == == == Necrophiliac.

What is the name of the DI script where the mother is taking care of her dead baby who her husband killed?

dead baby daycare

What is the name of veins from a dead person?

porter veins