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Q: What is the name of something which could cause harm to the customers?
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Is threat a noun?

Yes, the word 'threat' is a noun; a word for a situation, person, or thing that could cause harm or danger; a statement of intention to cause harm; the possibility that something bad is going to happen; a word for a thing.

What is biohazardous?

something that could harm living things

What is Something that can cause harm to the consumer is known as a?

a lie a pathogen

What does harm mean?

It means to have hurt someone.

How does nickel harm the body?

Some people are allergic and if in contact with the skin, could cause a rash.

What happen if you use face or hand cream after expiration date?

Nothing. Lotions are not something that could cause harm after the expiration. It may not be a good idea to use it on your face, however, just because it may cause acne.

What does the term risk mean for hazard?

Because usually when you take a risk, the risk is something hazardous or something that can cause you harm.

Could tourist development in Cambodia cause any harm to wetland?

Yes it can

What does the term discrediting mean?

Discrediting means to harm the good reputation of someone or something or it could mean to cause an idea or piece of evidence to seem false or unreliable.Resource/s: MY DICTIONARY!!

If a snake crawled up your anus could it cause you bodily harm n should you seek medical attention?

yes it can cause you harm. yes you should seek medical attention

Will suncream do Any harm to a belly piecring?

Yes it could if you get it in your piercing. It could cause infection, and a lot of pain.

What is aggravated menacing?

Aggravated menacing is a criminal charge one could receive if they knowingly cause another person to believe they will cause the person serious physical harm or harm the property of the other person. This also includes harm to an unborn child and harm to intermediate family.