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When she died she was married to Robert Wagner. It was their second marriage together. She was also married to Richard Gregson between her relationships with Wagner. She had daughters with both husbands.

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Q: What is the name of Natalie Wood husband?
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Natalie Grant's husband's name is Bernie Herms.

What happened to Natalie Wood?

Actress Natalie Wood accidentally drown while out on the boat with her husband. Circumstances around her death still arise suspicions.

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Natalie wood was her onley screen name she was born natalia zacharenco

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How did Natalie Wood drown?

Natalie Wood and her husband Robert Wagner were supposedly out on a leisurely cruise on their boat when Natalie fell off. To this day it is still unclear how Natalie fell overboard, whether alcohol was a factor in the accident, or if it was indeed an 'accident' at all.

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Natalie wood

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Natalie Wood was an actress who was born on July 20, 1938 and died in 1981. However, the name of the hospital where she was born is not listed.

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