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Fashion Combat Boots: Doc Martin, Steve Maden, Dr. Marten, ect.

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Q: What is the name brand of the combat boots?
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What are combat boots?

Combat boots are used to protect soldiers' feet during combat or combat training. They are usually made specifically to the type of climate the soldier will be in.

Can you use combat boots as snow boots?

Yes, combat boots can be used as snow boots. The ACU boots will work, but not as well as BDU boots.

Name the worst papare of shoes to wear to a marthan?

Combat boots.

What is the name brand of the boots Asap Rocky had on in his pesos video brown vintage boots?

Timberland Super i Race Boots

Do combat boots have good arch support?

yes. combat boots have an amazing arch support.

When was Your Mother Wears Combat Boots created?

Your Mother Wears Combat Boots was created in 1989.

What's The difference between jungle boots and combat boots?

The only major difference between jump boots and ordinary combat boots is that jump boots are fully laced from the top to the instep where combat boots are laced right above the ankle. Jump boots also provide more support to the ankles.

Which of the two Boots are more intensive?

Combat boots are typically more intensive in terms of durability, support, and protection compared to work boots. Combat boots are designed for military or combat use, while work boots are meant for general work purposes.

What are heavy army boots called?

Combat boots

Where can I buy women's combat boots?

Lots of places sell women's combat boots. For a bigger range and better prices, try Zappos, Sears or Shiekh Shoes, these places have lots of offers on at the minute on boots, including combat boots.

Where do you get galaxy combat boots?

the store...?

Are military boots made of polyvinyl?

Combat boots are still made of leather .