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A visor

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Q: What is the moveable part of a helmet covering face called?
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What is a Helmet with visor worn with suit of armour in 15th century called?

In the 15th century, a helmet with a visor worn with a suit of armor is called a close helmet or a close helm. This type of helmet provided more protection to the head and face compared to earlier helmet designs.

How can you lock a open face helmet?

You can use " helmetlok " to lock your helmet (Now available in markets). From which you can secure your face.

What is the part of a helmet that can be pulled down to protect the eyes and face known as?

I believe that would be called a Visor

What is an armet?

An armet is a form of medieval full-face helmet.

What kind of face mask can you put on the m11 helmet?

most face masks fit the helmet, preferably the same size. e.g. if you have medium helmet then get a medium mask

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The son of Man was the one with the apple covering his face.

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In runescape which is better rune helmet 1 or full helme?

Rune Helmet H1 has same defense and looks like a bucket on your head, and Rune Full Helmet is better priced and you won't get called tin-man or Bucket-Face.

Will the paintball helmet protect your face?


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Face covering for Muslim women is not compulsory per Islam religion.

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