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Q: What is the most socially accepted of the illegal drugs is?
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What country sells the most illegal drugs?

It is proven by statistics that Brazil is the biggest manufacturer of illegal drugs.

Why you can not do drugs?

It depends on the drugs. Most illegal drugs are illegal because they're harmful in some way, but just being illegal is harm enough for them to be worth avoiding.

Which country produces the most illegal drugs?

Vatican City produces the most illegal drugs in the world. primarily cocaine. they are known for their ruthless cartels.

How can drugs affect football?

Some drugs help the players get better but most are illegal

Where are the most illegal drugs in the world?

thee bay area.!

What country sells the most drugs?

It is proven by statistics that Brazil is the biggest manufacturer of illegal drugs.

What diseases are caused by the use of illegal drugs?

There are a lot of diseases that can be caused by illegal drugs. Most of them are many types of cancers. Some of them are Heart diseases. Basiclly, there are many effects by illegal drugs. But if you were asking what is the most dangerous illegal drug or drugs, I would say they are all very dangerous, but the one illegal drug that most people don't know about is inhalants. They are easy to abuse because you can breathe in there fumes, that is why lead paint is dangerous

What drugs cause positive for drug test?

99% of illegal drugs will show up on a full scale lab test as well as most prescription drugs. Illegal and prescription drugs are usually made from similar substances.

Which reason would writers most likely choose to write satire?

they want to criticize socially accepted values (Apex)

Does a person who takes illegal drugs risk losing brain cells?

Most likely they will. However, it depends on the iillegal drug. Not all illegal drugs cause brain cell loss, but most do.

Why is it illegal to date siblings and cousins?

It is not illegal to date anyone. It is illegal to engage in sexual activity with siblings. This is called incest. While it is typically socially taboo to date or have sex with cousins, it is not illegal in most states.

Which country uses the most illegal drugs?

I am not sure which country USES the most, but I know that last year America had spent the most money on illegal drugs. I'm pretty sure Amereica uses the most drugs. ----------------------------------- i think it is Europe because they ship in allot of drugs to America i don't know if it is in Europe for a fact but i just know that there is allot of drugs there...

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