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a love song

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Q: What is the most romantic song for a couple?
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What is the most romantic rap song?

The Most Romantic Rap song is based on your opinion. But so far in MY life, it's got to be "Battle Scars."

What are the most romantic songs ever recorded?

What is the most romantic song ever recorded is up to one's taste. While someone may think a country song is romantic, one who dislikes country music won't agree. Almost everyone fell that Marvin Gay's rendition of the song "Let's Get It On" is a rather romantic song and a mood setter.

Who are the most romantic couple ever?

Eleanor Williams (human) and stef (gorilla)

What is a romantic song aiming for singles to get together?

there a couple of Taylor swift songs named Love story and You belong with me..try them..

What is an art song romantic period?

a long time of a romantic song

When was Romantic Rights - song - created?

Romantic Rights - song - was created in 1979.

What is the meaning of love and courtship song?

This is a kind of a song, used in courting. It represents the romance between two couple. Love song are used as the LOVE THEME SONG of couples.

Who or what is possum brown in the song winter wonderland?

It is actually 'Parson Brown'. In the song the romantic couple are fantasising about getting married and imagining that the snowman they have built is a clergyman, Parson Brown, who will unite them in marriage.

What does 'cancion de amor' mean?

It means song. The song about love. Love song. Very beautiful romantic song about love. Beautiful song. Romantic song. French song. Lovely song about love.

What's the song they play in romantic comedies when the couple is running toward each other in slow motion?

It's usually an excerpt from Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet."

What is the song 'If everyone cared' by Nickelback about?

The song "If Everyone Cared: by Nickelback is about a romantic evening between a couple and explains that if everyone loved like they love each other, the world would be a much better place.

What is genre the last song?