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You have a turtle on your back.

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Amazing 😂
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Healthy life is everything for a human being

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Q: What is the most noticeable result of better health care?
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Does higher income mean better health care?

Often those that have a higher income have access to better health care.

What is the definition of enhanced indigent health care?

That can be rephrased as better health care for the unemployed.

Who has the better health care America or Canada?

amercia has the best health care in the world i would recommend it to anyone

What is Aurora Health Care's motto?

The motto of Alberta Health Services is 'We are one'.

Will my aging father get better care in a nursing home, or if he is provided home health care?

It depends on what your father wants. He might get better health care in a nursing home, but I don't think he will be that happy there.

How do computers provide better people with access to better health care?

By providing helpful health and wellness information.

What result will the national health care plan have on patients?

they will get aids and diarrhea

Should women have better health care than men?

Obviously both sexes should have adequate health care.

Why do rich people often receive better health care than poor people?

Because health care is expensive.

How is Canada's health care better than Romania's heath care?

Canada has more money for health and the Romanian people not pay attention to health.

How does a high gross domestic product affect health care?

Quality health care is expensive, and nations with higher GDP can afford better care.

Why is it important for a pregnant women to take care of her own health?

Typically, the better a woman's health during pregnancy, the healthier her baby will be. If a woman doesn't take care of her health (drinks, takes drugs, doesn't eat well) the baby very well might suffer as a result.