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GH (growth hormone)

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Q: What is the most important regulatory factor controlling the circulating levels of thyroid hormone?
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Most important hormone regulating the amount of calcium circulating the blood?

The parathyroid hormone. Also called as parathormone. This hormone is secreted by parathyroid glands.

What hormone has a paracrine and autocrine action and also is a circulating hormone?

Growth hormone

What is GRHR hormone?

This accounts for Growth Hormone Regulatory Hormone, also called Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, and also GRHF (for Growth Hormone Regulatory Factor). This is one of the two hypothalamic hormones (or previously named 'factors') that, respectively, stimulate or inhibit the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. The other hormone that inhibits the release of growth factor is called Growth Hormone Releasing-Inhibiting Hormone (or factor).

What is LH?

(Science: chemical) a small glycoprotein hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary. Lh plays an important role in controlling ovulation and in controlling secretion of hormones by the ovaries and testes.chemical name: Luteinizing hormone

What is the Term for a regulatory chemical that is secreted into extracellular fluid and carried by the blood?

A hormone

What are different thyroid levels?

Thyroid levels are measurements of the thyroid hormones in your body. Low TSH suggests you have too much thyroid hormone circulating. High TSH suggests you don't have enough thyroid hormone circulating.

A substance secreted by cells or glands that have a regulatory effect in the body?

That is called a hormone. It is an organic secretion

How would it be possible to have the normal amount of a hormone circulating in the blood yet have symptoms that indicate a shortage of that hormone?

It could mean that the receptors for this hormone are not as active as should be or fewer in number than should be.

True or false does a thyroid-stimulating hormone assay measure circulating blood levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone that can indicate abnormal parathyroid activity?


Which hormone stimulates the production of testosterone?

Hormones are regulated by what are called negative feedback mechanisms. When more is needed, more will be released and the opposite is true when there is enough. For example, the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone decreases as the amount of circulating estrogen increases.

What is an important male hormone?

Testosterone is the main male hormone

What hormone regulate calcium levels in the body?

Nearly every process in the human organism is kept in balance by the intricate interaction of different nervous and endocrine regulatory chemicals. Calcitonin (a hormone), parathyroid hormone, and vitamin D balance calcium ion use.