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the most effective immunogen is proteins

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Q: What is the most effective immunogen?
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What is the function of adjuvant in immune response?

When mixed with an immunogen, it enhances the immune response against the immunogen

All immunogen are antigen but all antigen are immunogen?

An Immunogen is foreign particle that triggers the body's immune system where as Antigen is also a foreign particle , due to its low molecular weight it is unable to trigger immune system. Example for antigen is Hapten

What are antigen types?

Some antigen types include bacterium and immunogen.

What is the difference between antigen and immunogen?

Any foreign particle interact with Antibody or T cell is antigen. Interaction is non-covalent and highly specific. Antigen that evoke immune response is called Immunogen. An immunogen usually has a fairly high molecular weight (usually greater than 10,000), thus, a variety of macromolecules such as proteins,lipoproteins, polysaccharides, some nucleic acids, and certain of the teichoic acids, can act as immunogens.

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