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Depression or ADD/ADHD

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Q: What is the most common mental health problem experienced by young adults?
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Healthy eating can be a challenge as we age. Often problems center around underlying health conditions. It is important that older adults learn methods for healthy eating. Below we address common issues that face older adults focusing on nutrition

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Depression. One out of every five women will have experienced a significant depressive episode in their lifetimes. One out of eight to ten men will have experienced this also. Simple phobias (Spiders, snakes, heights, etc.) are more common, but can be avoided, fairly easily, in most circumstances. Therefore, they are not considered to be nearly as disabling.

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impakta wlang sagot

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Actually it is everyone's problem. The children who are obese today will have physical/health problems as adults and this will affect the health care system as well as business and the society. There are 10 year old children today who have some of the same health problems as a 65 year old adult.

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What is the least common mental health problem out of anorexia nervosa suicide dissociative identity disorder and depression?


Is snoring a health problem?

Snoring could be a sign of a health problem but not really a problem itself.