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Q: What is the most common complication of tube feeding?
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What is a common complication of internal tube feeding?

The tube canget blocked, so make sure you wash it out with saline.

What is a core flow feeding tube a nasogactric feeding tube which is similar to a dobhoff feeding tube.?

fredrick-miller tube

What is a core flow feeding tube a nasogactric feeding tube which is similar to a dobhoff feeding tube?

fredrick-miller tube

Is tube feeding enteral or parental nutrition?

Tube feeding is an example of Enteral nutrition

How do you feed a person on a feeding tube?

humm... just a wild guess on a feeding tube?

Why is it unusual for a bilaterally symmetrical organism to have a feeding tube located as does the planaria?

This is because most of them have mouths. It would be located at the anterior end of the organism so they would not need a feeding tube.

What is a external feeding tube?

gastrostomy tube

What do you call the tube-like structure found in most insects used for feeding?


What are the three types of feeding routes in nutrition?

feeding tube

Can you still eat by mouth if you have a permanent feeding tube inserted into the stomach?

It depends why the feeding tube was placed. If the feeding tube was placed because the person cannot chew/swallow safely, then no. If the feeding tube was inserted for supplemental feeding because the person doesn't consume adequate nutrition, then yes.

What is the purpose of a PEG feeding tube?

The purpose of a PEG feeding tube is to feed someone when they are incapable of feeding themselves. PEG is an acronym for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy.

When invented nasogastric tube?

The original nasogastric feeding tube was invented in 1976 by 2 surgeons Dr. Robert Dobbie and Dr. Hoffmeister. Most feeding tubes are passed through the nose into the stomach for acute issues.