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Temporalis fascia

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Q: What is the most common autologous site for securing a graft for tympanoplasty?
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What is the medical term meaning transplantation from the recipient's own blood?

Autologous graft or autologous transplant.

Is a skin graft taken from another part of the patient's body.?

autograft or autologous graft

What does type IV tympanoplasty entail?

Type IV tympanoplasty is used for ossicular destruction, which includes all or part of the stapes arch. It involves placing a graft onto or around a mobile stapes footplate.

What does type III tympanoplasty entail?

Type III tympanoplasty is indicated for destruction of two ossicles, with the stapes still intact and mobile. It involves placing a graft onto the stapes, and providing protection for the assembly.

What aftercare is prescribed for tympanoplasty?

Antibiotics are given, along with a mild pain reliever. After 10 days, the packing is removed and the ear is evaluated to see if the graft was successful. Water is kept away from the ear

What complications may ensue from tympanoplasty?

failure of the graft to heal, causing recurrent eardrum perforation; narrowing (stenosis) of the ear canal; scarring or adhesions in the middle ear; perilymph fistula and hearing loss

What is the most common reason for graft failure?

The most common reason for graft failure is the formation of a hematoma, or collection of blood in the injured tissues.

What is a sentence using the word graft?

It is quite common for people in positions of political power to become rich through graft and corruption.

What is the code for repair of aneurysm and graft insertion for occlusive disease of the common femoral artery?


What is the code for direct repair of aneurysm and graft insertion for occlusive disease of common femoral artery?


The most common donor site for harvesting a free gingival graft is?

The hard palate (roof of the mouth)

Can you graft a watermelon and a cantaloupe?

how to graft a cantaloupe and watermelon