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I am one of those people who some might refer to as "annoying". i am just a man who has lots of money but just cant find that right girl who wants to be with me.

Alot of woman tell me its annoying when i smell their hair when they are working on the computer (plenty of man do as well). people also say its annoying when i bring my air-soft gun to work and shoot people, especially in the eyes. The person who sits in the cubical next to me says that she cant stand it when i stand on my desk and dangle my unshaven testicles and shaft over the cubical wall and into her work space (her name is Debera and i like to go through her trash and collect pieces of her gum and save them in my drawer). ANYWAYS for all you attractive looking women out there, my name is Brian Lopuszanski and my phone number is 1-847-660-0601. i am hurting for a squirting and parched for a sexy woman to sweep me off my feet.

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Q: What is the most annoying thing you could encounter at the workplace?
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