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nimh stands for "NIckel Metal Hydride"

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Q: What is the metal in NIMH batteries?
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What exactly are NIMH batteries?

BTY AA NIMH Batteries: The BTY brand of NIMH batteries that are being sold on I had had received merchandise that matches exactly what they advertise.

Are mcVolt Li-Ion laptop batteries really better than NiMh and NiCd batteries?

Nickel Cadmium batteries contain Cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, which is harmful to the environment. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries offer a higher capacity(runtime)per same size(voltage output) than NiCd batteries and mcVolt Litium Ion laptop batteries have a higher capacity than NiMh(those sold by most manufacturers). NiMh batteries are also lighter and have little memory effect compared to their NiCd counterparts. mcVolt Li-ion laptop batteries are light, have a higher capacity and have no memory effect compared to NiMh and NiCd batteries.

Flashlight that docks in a charger to recharge two AA nickel cadmium batteries so can an you replace these batteries with cadmium metal hydride ones?

you can change the nicad batteries for nimh without any problems, the charging will take longer as the capacity of the nimh batteries will be much higher than the nicad batteries.

What's better lithium batteries or the NiMh batteries?

The NiMH battery is better,but it's more expensive.

Will a NiCd charger charge NiMh Batteries?

A NiCad charger has different sensor values than NiMh. I would find a charger that has a switch to select either, or specifically a Nickel Metal Hydride battery charger to prevent damaging and shortening the life of your batteries.

What is the difference between a NiCad battery and a NiMH battery?

In NiCad batteries the negative electrode is made of Cadmium, while in NiMH batteries it is made of an intermetallic compund, consisting of a rare earth (such as Lanthanum or Cerium) and a transition metal (such as Manganese or Nickel).

Your camera insists to use nimh AA batteries can you use nicd batteries?

yes. NiMH batteries and chargers are easier to come by though. Alot of times, the mAh will be higher in the NiMH batteries as there is really no point to using NiCD unless you'd prefer it.

Rechargeable Batteries: The Difference Between NIMH and NICad?

GP nickel metal hydride batteries are a great choice for a rechargeable battery. Unlike the nickel cadmium alternative, NIMH batteries tend to have a longer life span. They do not need to be fully charged to retain their maximum charging potential. GP brand batteries also are an economical choice for the budget. Priced less than the competition, the NIMH battery is great for any item that is used often.

What kind of batteries are NIMH batteries?

NIHM stands for nickel metal hydride battery. The NIHM batteries are similar to other types of rechargeable batteries like the more common nickel-cadmium NiCd types but with much more charge capacity.

Why do you prefer NiMH batteries?

There are several advantages of NiMH batteries compared to ordinary alkaline batteries: 1. They can be recharged hundreds of time. So a single NiMH battery can literally replace hundreds of alkaline batteries over its lifetime. This saves money, results in fewer batteries being discarded, and uses fewer resources. 2. The voltage of NiMH batteries is relatively constant with use. The voltage of alkaline batteries decreases as the battery is used. For example a flashlight dims with use when using alkalines. But with NiMH batteries, it will stay bright until the batteries are exhausted. 3. Due to the low internal resistance of NiMH batteries, the voltage does not drop nearly as much under a load as alkaline batteries. 4. Also because of the low internal resistance, the capacity of a NiMH battery does not drop very much under heavy loads. This is why you can typically get many more shots with a digital camera if you use NiMH batteries rather than alkaline batteries. 5. NiMH batteries can deliver a much heavier current. Some devices, such as high power flashlights, cannot run (or cannot run for long) on alkaline batteries (at least on the highest settings). NiMH batteries are required to make the most of these devices. 6. Alkaline batteries may leak when they get old and/or are discharged too quickly. This can destroy whatever device they are used in.

Speedy way to discharge Nimh batteries?

Please read the information, at the link below, regarding NiMH batteries. The discharging myth still abides, it seems.

Can GP rechargeable AA Batteries use in Energizer charger?

If its a NiMH battery then yes. The Energizer charger will charge ANY brand of NiMH rechargeable batteries.