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Lintiments are used in the exact same way and for the exact same purposes that one would use a balm or an oil. Lintiments are used to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints.

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Q: What is the medicine liniment used for?
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Can a tuba-tuba root be used as a liniment oil?

the tuba2x leaves are only used 4 liniment...

Can horse liniment be used on humans?

Most of them can

Ointment or liniment used to soothe and restore skin?


Where can i buy slone's liniment?

Where can I buy Sloan's liniment

What is the use for Warkins Liniment?

Watkins liniment is a pain relieving liniment. It comes in a cream base or in a spray form. Watkins has been selling this pain liniment for over 140 years.

What are the recommended preparations of aconite?

Aconite is available as a homeopathic remedy or in dried bulk form, as an ointment or liniment, and as a tincture. In traditional Chinese medicine, the aconite root is generally used in small amounts in combination with other herbs.

Why did they stop making internal liniment by watkins?

I think that internal liniment caused temporary hallucination

What herbal medicine is used most often to treat bruises?

In our house, Arnica is my first choice for treatment of bruises. In comes in cream & liniment form, it should NOT however be used on broken skin or taken internally. My second choice would be the old standard Tiger balm.

How do you use liniment in a sentence?

For muscle pains, bruises and sprains; apply this liniment to the affected area and massage in gently.

What is the difference between salt solution and calamine lotion?

lotion is applied without rubbing but liniment with rubbing lotion is an aqeuous external liquid but liniment is non aqeuous lotion is a suspension but liniment is an emulsion

Who discovered the liniment oil?

the pope did

Is it safe to use pau liniment in pregnancy?

I wouldn't use it. The amounts and strength of the herbs in the liniment is completely unknown. Natural does not mean safe.