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Q: What is the meaning of the hyperbole?
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What is the etymology of hyperbole?

The word "hyperbole" comes from the Greek word "hyperbolḗ," which means "exaggeration." It is derived from "hyper," meaning "beyond," and "bállein," meaning "to throw." So, hyperbole essentially means throwing beyond, or exaggerating, for rhetorical effect.

Give the meaning of hyperbole?

Hyperbole means to exaggerate something. Hyperbole is used for rhetorical effect to draw attention to the subject and sometimes is used for comedy.

I need to write a sentence with a hyperbole by saying what was my lowest point last year. my lowest point was when all my guy friends hated me for no reason. i just need a hyperbole with that said.?

You can use hyperbole to create emphasis.Examples include:* I've told you a million times, a hyperbole meaning I've told you lots of times. * These bags weigh a ton, a hyperbole meaning these bags are heavy. * It's hot as hades today, a hyperbole meaning the temperature is uncomfortably high today.

Meaning and example of 7 figure of speech?

simile metaphor hyperbole personification oxymoron irony

What is extreme exaggeration used to make a point?

hyberbilye hyperbole

What type of figure of speech He wore canoes on his feet?

This is an example of a hyperbole. (pronounced high PUHR bowl y) A hyperbole is an extravagant exaggeration. EX: He drug half the lake out with him. -meaning he was sopping wet.

What is it called when something is exaggerated for effect?


What are characteristic of hyperbole?

characteristics of hyperbole

What literary term is exaggeration used to emphasize a point?

Extreme exaggeration used in a literary work is known as hyperbole.

What does exaggeration and hyperbole have in common?

u use an exaggeration to make it a hyperbole. the definition of a hyperbole is an exaggeration!

What is the Tagalog word for hyperbole?

Tagalog translation of HYPERBOLE: pinagrabe

What are some characteristics of hyperbole?

characteristics of hyperbole