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This means something has been released into the shop!!

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Q: What is the meaning of This has been taken care of?
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What is the meaning of grooms?

Well taken care of

Word meaning Care taken ahead of time as against danger or failure?


The meaning of uncleaned environment?

Poluted, dirty, not taken care of, dry,too wet...

Why taken care not taken cared?

"Taken care" is the correct past participle form used in passive sentences (e.g., "The situation was taken care of"). It indicates that something has been looked after or managed. "Taken cared" is grammatically incorrect as "cared" is not a form of the verb "care" in this context.

Do BMW's hold their value?

Yes, especially when they have been taken care of.

How do you say 'having been taking care of' in Latin?

"Capta cura" means "Taken care of" in Latin.

What does your son has been beneficially obtained from your care mean?

it means that your son has been taken from your care to benefit him.for his own good so to speak.

What is the meaning of bad state of repair?

Not properly taken care of. Worn, dirty, more or less broken.

How are baby coyotes taken care of?

They are taken care of by the mother.

How do you use taken care of?

'take care of' is a phrasal verb so 'taken care of' is the past participle.example sentences:present perfectI have taken care of your cats while you were in hospital.She has taken care of me since I was a child.My father has taken care of the debt.present continuousI am taking care of my sister because my mother is sick.The telephone company is taking care of the problem

What percent of German shepherds are well taken care of?


What is the meaning of the name Anali?

It can be a Turkish name or Swedish name. The meaning of Turkish one is: Ana means Mother and Anali means the kid who has bean taken care very well.