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my adoration for you is limitless, or unmeasurable.

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Q: What is the meaning of- my adulation for you is unfathomable?
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How do you use adulation in a sentence?

Adulation is a word meaning "worshipful praise. It is akin to adoration, but is the next step down. "The actress accepted the adulation of the crowd with delight."

What synonyms can be used for the word adulation?

Adulation has the meaning of an overenthusiastic praise. Therefore it can be said that the synonyms for adulation are acclaim, applause, cheering, laudation, plaudits and standing ovation.

What are examples of unfathomable?

for example , the sky is blue for some unfathomable reason love is unfathomable

What is a sentence in context of adulation?

He reveled in the adulation of the crowd.

What part of speech is the word adulation?

Adulation is a noun.

Sentence using adulation?

yo adulation yourself

What part of speech is unfathomable?

Unfathomable is an adjective.

What is adulation?

Adulation is excessive praise or flattery for someone or something.

Can you give me a sentence with the word unfathomable?

The depth of the hole was unfathomable.

What is the sentence of unfathomable?

The tornado did unfathomable damage to our city.It's completely unfathomable to me that my son could have committed such a heinous act.The surgery went well enough, but the pain I felt in rehabilitation was unfathomable.

How do you put the word adulation in a sentence?

Jack looked at Jill with great adulation.

How would you use the word unfathomable in a sentence?

You use it to describe something that you don't understand or can't work out. i.e. Why he wanted to buy the vauxhall nova was unfathomable to me. i.e. how far down the bottom of the sea was unfathomable