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A pond

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Alyssa Arellano - WC...

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This answer is:
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Dude, why ._.
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Melody Fluter

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The answer is in side the narrators home
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Breanna Nonaca

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inside the narrator's home

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real answer is the narrator's home for apex

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Q: What is the main setting of not that I care?
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What is the main purpose of a crash cart in the ambulatory care setting?

Mall emergency supplies are together and available

What are the main points of food safety in a social care setting?

The main points are having a goo meal everyday in exercising everyday for a few hours....

Purpose of communicaton in a health and social care setting?

what is the puropse of a team in a care setting

What does care setting mean?

Care setting means the environment in which a patient is cared for on a daily basis. A care setting could be a hospital, a nursing home or a respite center.

What is a care setting?

A care setting is somewhere that people get care from or is left to be cared for. some examples: A hospital , a doctors, a nursery, care centers, hospice, residential home

What is the main setting in Breaking Dawn?

the main setting is were Bella tureds into a vanpire and her babby

What are the two main parts of a setting?

The two main parts of setting are time and place.

What is The Lightning Thief' main setting?

The main setting is camp half-blood. second Olympus.

5 The Yukon is the main for this story?

the Yukon is the main setting for this story.

What part of a story introduces the characters and setting?


How communication affects relationships in an adult care setting?

Communication is very important in maintaining a relationship in an adult social care setting. All persons involved in this care will need to be able to share their thoughts and ideas as well as their interaction with the adult in the social care setting.

How do you promote independence in a care setting?

how do you promote independence in a care home