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The reason often stated while exchanging dowry is that the bride will be taken care of by the groom and his family for the rest of her life so in order to ensure a good start to her marital life dowry is given. It can be seen as a sort of a fee for marrying the groom and for the bride to be excepted by the groom's family. However dowry is a social evil destroying many lives every year. It is punishable under law and should not be supported.

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Q: What is the main reason of exchanging dowry?
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What are the main causes of dowry system in India?

ANSWER 1 according to my point of view the main causes of dowry system is own women. most of the dowry death case the boy's mother play major role for dowry. according to mother suggestion the son take step forward. ANSWER2 Answer2 PRESENT CAUSE 1. Dowry being the traditional, done thing, an accepted norm existing for generations to renegade is difficult. This is why dowry continues. 2. Dowry system continues out of necessity. Examples: A family accepts dowry for boy in the family (even though wanting to stop the traditional practice) out of compulsion that arises because the girl in the same family when wedded has to give dowry. The family justifies saying we take dowry for the boy because we have to give dowry for the girl. Another reason is when the boy's father has borrowed huge sums of money for the boy's education. The loan and its interest is mounting. It becomes imperative for this family to take dowry so that the money borrowed can be returned. Often while taking loan the money that will come into the family from dowry is figured in. So also, most parents keep saving for dowry from the time of birth of the female child because of the inevitable certainly of having to pay dowry at the time of girl's wedding. These two examples show pragmatic causes of dowry system prevailing through ages till now. ORIGINAL CAUSE FOR THE ANCIENT DOWRY SYSTEM 3. Originaly dowry acted as offering of insurance policy for those who got married. Dowry was safeguard for the girl in eventuality of being deserted by husband or becoming widow (child widows were many and they could not remarry.)

What is the antynom of dowry?

there is no antonym to the word dowry

What part of speech is dowry?

"Dowry" is a noun. It refers to the money, goods, or property that a woman brings to her husband in marriage.

Who are Dowry prohibition officers in Mumbai?

No, there are no Dowry prohibition officers in Mumbai. But the Dowry is illegal if complained about.

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What are the main causes of dowry in Bangladesh?

Daughters should be given good education so that they can be confident enough to run a good family. They should be capable enough to do governmental and private sector jobs. If the females can do so, dowry is no more in existence. Dowry is demanded by idiots who are tempted to marry a stupid and illiterate girl for the property. Awareness can only help to eradicate this ailment from society.

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How do you write the conclusion for dowry SYSTEM?

In conclusion, the dowry system perpetuates gender inequality, economic disparities, and social pressures. Addressing this issue requires a multi-faceted approach that includes legal reforms, education campaigns, and changing societal attitudes towards women and marriage. By dismantling the dowry system, we can work towards a more equitable and just society for all.

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