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A bunion splint is used as a conservative treatment for bunions. It works by providing support to the two arches of the foot, while pulling the big toe away from the other toes and stretching the tendon and muscles of the toe.

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Q: What is the main function of a Bunion Splint?
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Do bunion night splint really work?

I have 2 splint myself. I wear them at night and it does help keeping the pain down somewhat. I also wear insoles in my shoes and the combination of both helps the pain go down. However, I have been using the splints for 2 years now and I still have the pain issues every day. Less than before but it's still there. They won't cure your bunion unfortunately!

What is hallux valgus?

bunion deformityA bunion.

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Which are some tips for soothing bunion pain?

To sooth bunion pain, one could purchase a bunion protection sock. Alternatively, one could purchase new shoes to ease the pain, or have the bunion surgically removed by a doctor.

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When do you use splint?

You light a splint and then light the bunson burnor with the fire on the splint.

Mechanical appliance such as a leg brace or splint that is specially designed to control impaired limb function?


A mechanical appliance such as a leg brace or splint?

A leg orthosis is the medical term for a leg brace. It is an external device that modifies the structure and function of a leg. A splint is a rigid device that is used to prevent motion of a joint or of a fractured bone.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is an enlargment of the bone. It is also know as Hallux Valgus. This is a deformity of the bone involving the big toe and the foot. This deformity can be vary painful. A bunion is a bump at the joint of the big toe.

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What do they do for bunion surgery?


How is a bunion treated in alternative medicine?

The first step in treating a bunion is to remove as much pressure from the area as possible.