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It is called the climax.

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Q: What is the main action of a story?
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What is the falling-action of a story?

A resolution of the story's main conflict and an end to the story's plot.

What happens to the conflict in the story during the falling action?

The consequences of the story's main events unfold.

What happens during a story's falling action?

The consequences of the story's main events unfold.

What does it mean when writing look for the CRUX?

The crux of a story is the main point, the main problem, or the main action.


The consequences of the story's main events unfold.

Falling action of the story?

similar to the resolution of a book, The falling action occurs after the climax and is where all the loose ends of the story are tied up. This is also where you will see change in the characters affected by the solving of the main conflict. Also the dramatic scene in the story

The four main parts of a short story are exposition climax resolution and what?

rising action

The main purpose of the rising action in a short story is?

build interest and suspense

What is primary action in literature?

The term primary action in literature refers to the main events that happen in the story. It is the part that has the climax and all of the important things that are most relevant to the progression of the story.

what are the main points of the story?

Do you mean the sequential order in which all plots are created?: Exposition Rising action Climax Falling action Resolution

How do you write the conflict of a story?

You plan out what the conflict will be, and then describe the action through the eyes of the main character.

How do you start a gang story?

You start all stories in the same way -- start where the action begins! Begin your gang story with whatever main action you want the gang to have. See the related links for more information about starting a story.