What is the litter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a banana that you put in your ear, it makes you have super powers. by abbi taylor.;)

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Idiomatically, the “pick of” this is certainly the best.

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Q: What is the litter?
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What is litter a collective noun for?

Litter in the context of trash on the ground has no group noun of its own. Litter is the context of newborn animals is the collective noun. Example: A litter of kittens was nestled in a basket.

what litter is the same sound in pint and way?


What do you call people who litter?

Litter bugs Litter Bugs

A group of dog offspring is known as a?

A group of puppies is called a litter. The size of a litter can vary drastically based on the breed and if it is the dogs first litter.

Is litter a collective noun?

Yes, the noun litter is a collective noun for:a litter of kittensa litter of puppiesa litter of cubsa litter of pigletsin general a group of any newborn animals

Where was kitty litter invented?

where was kitty litter invented? where was kitty litter invented?

What makes litter?

Litter is trash

Where does litter go?

into the litter-box?

Can you give me sentences with the word litter?

Do not litter on the street.Cats need a litter box to use the Restroom.If you litter, you can be fined a-lot of money!

How long can you keep litter in a litter-box?

A week. The litter can get all moldy and you should clean out the litter box once a week.

How many kittens are in a litter?

The number of kittens in a litter varies from cat to cat and even from litter to litter. It is most common for cats to have three to six kittens per litter.

Is litter a verb or an adjective?

The word litter is a verb (litter, litters, littering, littered) and a noun (litter, litters). Examples:Verb: When people litter public areas, it show a lack of respect for others.Noun: Wind blown litter was piling up at the end of the alley.Noun: Our cat had a litter of kittens.Noun: We'll need a lot more cat litter as those kittens mature.Noun: They placed the wounded man on a litter.