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I am no expert on women and it seems there are no real experts on women in this category. Just this week a friend and I were discussing this topic and I did an internet search.

An aroused woman's vagina will usually become moist/wet for intercouse, not always and sometimes a lubrication may be needed.

Women do have orgasms, when this happens women often get wetter or "gush". Women's orgasm's are much like men's in that they require the right physical and mental stimulation to achieve. It is often more difficult for women to orgasm for many reasons, in my opinion it is because of two main reasons though. The inability of their partners to properly stimulate them, most men aren't very good lovers despite their own beliefs and the second is women seem to have more difficulty getting mentally aroused. Since sexual arrousal is just as much a mental state as a physical one an orgasm cannot be achieved no matter what if the mind is not... open to it.

The discussion a friend and I were recently having was female squirting. For years I was under the impression it was just urine but web research tells me women can squirt... although medically it seems to be a mystery where the large amount of fluid comes from. Although it does seem it isn't urine but a clear unknown liquid.

So all I can say to the question "what is the liquid when a woman climaxes?" Its a job well done. :D

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Q: What is the liquid when a woman climaxes?
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